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We make chocolate of all colours, flavours and designs, chocolate isn’t just brown and white, in our kitchen, it is pink and yellow and blue and green, oh and sometimes we add a bit of sparkle. You might want individual homemade chocolates with a caramel or fondant centre individually boxed as a gift or a full chocolate box. For birthdays how about a large lollipop covered with sweets or a number for party bags. Throughout the year we offer hot chocolate blocs with marshmallows that come in 20 different flavours!


You may just want a small quantity or perhaps you are looking for over a hundred individual identical wedding favours, we cater for everything and the packaging can be tailored to your needs.

For those special times in the year such as Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas we make a full range of exciting and unique goodies please check out our shop to see the full range.

We do all sorts of fun things with chocolate and basically, if we can find a mould we can cast it.

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