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Well hello there!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

This is my first blog on my awesome new Website that has had a major overhaul by the very patient and awesome Charlie from Rutland Creative.

Its been very busy start to the year here at Alana Lily Chocolates, so here is a brief rundown of what we’ve been up to…..

The start of the year began with 3 fabulous cakes. The first was my wine bottle cake with a special label designed to incorporate the badge of the Oxford college the 21-year-old birthday boy attends. I love making this wine bottle cake design as I love making cakes that look like real things. The second was for the adorable Penny’s 2nd birthday, I had the honour of making Penny’s 1st Birthday cake last year. This year the theme was Hey Duggie and she had all the characters around the cake. The third was a fun Paw Patrol cake using real character toys to decorate the cake.

Once those orders were out it was time to prepare for the Salon Culinaire Cake competition. A new competition for me, but one I wanted to attend in Birmingham and challenge myself by entering the Wedding cake category. I chose the theme of space as it meant I got to get the airbrush out, another love of mine, and create the colours and stars across 3 tiers. I was thrilled and shocked to be awarded silver, and it meant all the late nights were definitely worth it. I got some amazing feedback which will help me for next time. Just a few days later, at the end of January, I also did my first Wedding Fayre at the Doncaster Dome. That was a lovely and amazing event where I actually got to meet many couples planning their big day and to show them what I can do and to eat cake and chocolate at the same time, always a winning combination.

February has also been a busy month with moving house, making cakes and chocolates. Did you know I make chocolates as well as cake? Well, I do and I can pretty much make any shape if I can make or get hold of the right mould. Check out the shop here on my sparkly new website, or drop me a message if you have something in mind.

So far this month I have made a replica case of Strongbow cider, a simple photo cake for a cage fighter, a replica camera cake and a Home cake starring the characters Oh and Pig made from fondant. It’s never a dull moment in my kitchen! I love the variety and challenges my customers give me.

The diary is filling up, so if you think you might need a cake, please don’t hesitate to contact me, your booking can be secured with a small deposit without even knowing a final design. The cakes already planned are going to be keeping me very busy I can tell you, I have some big challenges ahead.

Ok signing off, for now, I will endeavour to write each week about what is in the pipeline and to keep you updated at any events I may be attending. Heads up for all you brides and grooms, I will be attending the Forest Pines Wedding Fayre on the 10th March in Scunthorpe with lots of cake samples and chocolates too, so I hope to see some of you there.

Have fun….and eat cake!!!

Louise xxxx

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Charlie Pallett
Charlie Pallett
08. maalisk. 2019

Congratulations Louise! Love this blog post - the camera cake is EPIC! It's so fantastic to see that everyone else can see the website now too! Eek.


08. maalisk. 2019

Wowee! Absolutely in love 😍 Congratulations Louise and all the very best ❤️

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